Friday, July 20, 2007

More fantasy fashion show

Ca j'aime bien, un bon foutage de gueule tout de meme...

The Romans had their faux-epic battles in the Colosseum, which became increasingly horrific as the crowd shouted for more (there are reports of an elephant battling a rhinoceros). And now, in this sometimes interminable-seeming but probably pretty brief period in history, we have our own nonscripted drama, a.k.a. reality TV. In just one season, reality TV has gone from being the sideshow that the networks looked on as filler to being one of the main events, a scheduled highlight. Nearly 52 million people tuned in to the last night of Survivor (in contrast to 75 million viewers for the final episode of Seinfeld), and when the second series aired, viewership for all four networks was up 22 percent for the entire evening.

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